Welcome to the Rochester Fire Department

2006 East State Road 14, Rochester, IN 46975
Non-Emergency:  574-223-6113


Tom Butler, Fire Chief
Ryan Murphy, Assistant Chief
TJ Dubois, Training Captain
Jason Holloway, Full Time
Mike Woods, Full Time
Kent Denny, Full Time
Dan Styles, Full Time

Rochester Fire Department
Courtesy of Derek Wilson

 Remember Smoke Alarms DO Save Lives!!!

The Rochester Fire Department is made up of 8 full time paid firefighters and 31 volunteer firefighters.
Were are manned 24 hours a day, paged out by the Fulton County 911 center.
We have an ISO rating of 6

Area of Fire Protection

Rochester Fire Department provides fire protection for a large area of Fulton County, including the City of Rochester, all Rochester Township, the south half of Newcastle Township, and the east half of Richland Township.   With all the are listed, Rochester Fire Department covers roughly 110 square miles.

Services Provided

The Rochester Fire Department specializes in firefighting suppression, auto extrication, and first responder calls using the BLS Rescue Truck.  The department uses a Scott's hand held thermal camera with transmitter; the receiver is in the rescue truck hooked to TV/VCR.  Our rescue truck is certified as a non-transport BLS unit.  On May 8, 2000, we received an AED (automatic electronic defibulator) from Rochester Township.  We have 14 first responders and are called out to assist the EMS when needed. 

Courtesy of Mike Kenny

Fire Prevention Program

The Rochester Fire Department prides itself in its fire prevention program.  We do a fire prevention program in the schools K-3 during the month of October during National Fire Prevention Week.  Throughout the year we also do fire prevention for daycare centers and anyone coming to tour the fire station.  We are always glad when someone comes by so we can show off those big red fire trucks! 

Smoke Alarm Program

The fire station has smoke alarms available for needy residents.  Simply stop by the station and fill out a form in order to get one.  Remember, "Smoke Alarms Save Lives"; make sure yours works!!  The department also provides house calls on carbon monoxide alarms. 


Engine 1
Courtesy of Frank Wegloski

Rochester Fire Department is a Proud Supporter of
Fulton County Relay for Life!!!

Old RFD Station
Courtesy of Frank Wegloski


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