Rochester City Parks

Manitou Mountain, City Park

City Park

The second largest and most intensively developed park in Rochester, contains approximately 33 acres. The site is wooded with large mature trees in a gently rolling terrain. Located next to Rochester High School, it was the site of the former Fulton County Fairgrounds from 1850-1950 and contained a half mile oval drive used for trotting and pacing horses. Today, the park provides basketball courts, softball fields, picnic shelters and facilities, restrooms, sledding hill and play equipment. Manitou Mountain, a large wooden play structure was constructed in 1997. This was built by over 1300 citizen volunteers in a 3 day period as over $100,000.00 was raised in a community fund drive. 

 Fansler Park

This five acre site at Washington and Clover Streets serves as neighborhood park for residents of Manitou Heights. The park is bordered on three sides with streets and the fourth side abuts school property which is used as the home of the Women's Junior Softball League. The park is flat, open space with few trees. Facilities provided include basketball, baseball, tennis, picnic table, shelter and play equipment A restroom facility in the park had been subject to vandalism for several years and had been difficult to maintain. The Park Board decided not to open the restroom in 1994 and to look at the situation if a restroom is needed at the park. The surrounding area is residential and primarily serves those people.

Fansler Park Pavilion

Jaycee Park

Jaycee Park

Is a small neighborhood park, about two thirds of an acre.  The park, located at 12th Street and Monroe Streets in a residential area, was developed with the assistance of the local Jaycee's Club.  The site is flat and primarily open lawn.  The large mature street trees which border the park are being replaced, new trees have been planted within the park.  facilities provided include a small shelter, basketball court and play equipment.

Lakeview Park

Was part of the former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hatcheries along State Road 25 (East 9th Street). The park, approximately 8 acres, which overlooks Lake Manitou to the south and Mill Creek Golf Course to the north, is undeveloped as a park. It Contains a few buildings and structures left over from fish hatcheries. These buildings are presently used as golf course maintenance and rental properties. This land was part of the overall purchase from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and has limited use for park and recreation. The "Pathway" runs the length of the park, a portion of this is next to the "Mill Race" which has been planted with wildflowers for all to enjoy. The Gerigh Round Barn was moved to the Park in 2001 and will be renovated by the Gerigh Round Barn Committee for future use as the Pro Shop for the Mill Creek Golf Course with a community room on the upper level.

Round Barn Golf Club at Mill Creek

Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park

Was formerly called Dam Landing Park, contains a little over 10 acres of land. The park is located on the north side of Lake Manitou on State Road 25 (East 9th Street). The park was also part of the former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hatcheries. All buildings have been removed and the fish hatchery basins have been filled in except for one basin. Within the park is Mill Creek, one of the outlets for Lake Manitou. In the early 1990's, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources reconstructed the dam and spillway as a flood control project. The site is flat, bisected by Mill Creek with a few trees. The Park Dept. in recent years has planted several trees around the park. Today, the park serves as a public access site for boating and fishing. The Park Department renovated the park added restroom facilities and improved the fishing and boating access ramp with the assistance of Indiana Waters Grant. The park has a shelter and butterfly garden with improvements in landscaping made each year.

 Pioneer Park

Is a small parcel of undeveloped park land adjacent to old U.S. 31 and Mill Creek. It is located on Monticello Road on the north side of Rochester. There is a historical marker on site in memory of those who lost their lives in the April 3, 1974 tornado. The Rochester Jaycees constructed a small community building on the site which is now occupied by the Rochester Lions Club.

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