City of Rochester
Wastewater Treatment Facility

A Class III Trickling filter plant

610 Monticello Road, Rochester, IN 46975
Phone: 574-223-3485 or

Plant operating hours are Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

For Emergency assistance after hours or on weekends, please call 


Wastewater Treatment Facility, 610 Monticello Road 

Meet the Staff 

Superintendent:  Marcus Halterman (Class III/Class A Certification)

Board of Public Works and Safety Members:


Mayor Theodore (Ted) J Denton
Richard (Rick) Rick Figlio
John Little


To protect the receiving waters of Indiana and our environment.


Our Finished Product (Bio Solids):

There are two grade qualifications depending on the extent of treatment:

  • Class A Sludge:  Can be sold directly to landscapers or the public; found in different brands of potting soil.
  • Class B Sludge:  Is not qualified for selling; must be land applied, taken to a landfill, or hauled to a receiving station.

Rochester Wastewater produces Class B sludge that is land applied or land filled.



What Makes Thee Rochester Wastewater Treatment Facility Unique?

Rochester is one of the few "Trickling Filter Plants" in the state of Indiana.

Rochester Wastewater is capable of handling 1.65 million gallons of flow per day.

The City of Rochester's Sewer and storm drains are not combined.

The Wastewater plant does the maintenance and cleaning of both sewer and storm drains with the use of two Vactor trucks used for each specific job.



Frequently Asked Questions

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